100 years combined experience: Don’t learn the difference
between a good and a bad plaster job the hard way.

Since 1994, Pro Image Plaster’s Sunbury office has been a place builders and plasterers go for competitive pricing and up-to-date industry advice. With over 40 contractors, Pro Image Plaster has the ability to quickly, and cost-effectively, turnover large plaster projects without sacrificing quality. So your job will look good, hang well and be on-time, on-budget. You can even have your plans checked so you know which traps to avoid.

At Pro Image Plaster, when you talk to a Sales Person, you’re talking to a Contractor.

All Pro Image Plaster staff can give you immediate answers because they don’t just sell, they also know how plaster fits together. So you “never have to wait a week to hear back,” or fear broken promises.

3 More Reasons You’ll Prefer Pro Image Plaster:


Having stock on-hand ensures your choice is available. Plus, with independent access to KNAUF’s entire Australian network, and every other supplier, you can order plaster products as you need.


Supervisors thoroughly check every site to ensure the project is ready before it is covered—guaranteed. When you’re busy on the site it’s nice to know Pro Image contractors are proactively keeping to your timelines and budget. Pro Image Plaster jobs don’t start without knowing the frames are straight and level, and the plumbing and electrical are installed. Our commitment to A1 Workmanship means the job doesn’t finish until a post-installation check is complete, too.


Experts in Acoustic Solutions means you can create a more private, and comfortable, sound environment for homes, offices or even restaurants. Pro Image Plaster contractors have real-life knowledge of which acoustic solution works best for the least amount of money. Getting a cost-effective, practical, tried-and-tested acoustic solution (without the added cost of a sound engineer) means the person who uses the room achieves their desired result.

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